Monday, July 30, 2012

Fun at Lake Pend Oreille

Just over a week ago, the four of us and my sister piled into our minivan and made the long trek across our state into northern Idaho. The destination? Lake Pend Oreille .... land of tranquility and beauty.

Truly, visiting the lake is my version of going to Mecca. I started going there on a regular basis when I was about 16 and have never looked back. We are very fortunate that my sister and her family are so generous with their little bit of Paradise and invite us to visit them when they're at the cabin.

Our first full day at the cabin was blissful. The sun was out, the lake was fairly warm, and sky was blue. We spent most of the day in or next to the lake just playing and staying cool. Annika was enamored with the paddle boat (or as she called it "peddle boat") and thought it was just about the neatest thing EVER. Conor, like his sister, thought it was wonderful. He couldn't reach the peddles, but he could steer that boat like there was no tomorrow."No! I do it!" was his common refrain (accompanied by swatting our hands off of the steering handle thingy) as we paddled around the lake. I'm sure he's now knows to the other folks on the lake as "that independent little boy".

Annika "fishing" in the lake

Conor and Me in the "peddle" boat

Ready, set, GO!!!!

Cannon ball!!!!!


Annika following in her daddy's footsteps

There she goes!

Cute little splash!

My little fishies

While Eric and Annika happily splashed in the lake, Conor got to work excavating the beach

Only stopping now and then to check on the lake activities

And then went back to digging in the sand ... a boy's work is never done!
Stay tuned for more lake details ....

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