Friday, July 20, 2012

Homemade Croissants - Revisited

A number of months ago, the Daring Baker's challenge was to make croissants ala Julia Child. Mine were ok at best, never that flaky goodness I expect croissants to be. I got it in my head that I needed to try again, but using a different flour blend (per Julia's suggestion ... like how we're on a first name basis now??)

I closely followed an episode from her TV show, during which she detailed the croissant-making procedure. and I went to work. Mind you, making croissants isn't a difficult task, but it takes A LONG TIME to complete. Rising and chilling time alone equals about 8 hours.

The final result from the time and effort? Still not 100% what I was hoping for, but MUCH closer to it than my previous attempts. Definitely getting closer to what I'm looking for. These croissants had a great flavor, lovely exterior, and fluffier/flakier interior than past attempts, but still a bit more dense than what I ultimately want. I think I need to find white pastry flour instead of the whole wheat pastry flour I used. Just means I get to keep trying!


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