Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Eric's Apprentice

Eric is a beer guy. I know, that isn't exactly shocking news. He not only appreciates drinking a good beer, but he also likes brewing beer now and again. He recently brewed a batch of porter and Annika decided to lend a hand. He taught her about following the instructions, how to read the instruments, and how to follow a set process. She was eager to lend a hand and was mighty cute while doing so.

Who knows? Maybe they'll start their own micro brewery one day. :)

Siphoning the beer from the fermenting bucket thing to the glass bubble thing
(like my technical jargon??)

Eric explaining the process of transferring the beer from one container to the other

Annika taking a whiff of the porter

Annika watching the beer flow into the glass jug (I think it is called the carboy)

Taking a reading of the starting alcohol level

Annika using her looking eyes to help Eric take the reading

Time to put the beer "nigh-night" and tuck it under its covers

Annika giving the beer a goodnight kiss...

...and hug

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