Friday, March 30, 2012

Conor's birthday pictures

We had a small, just the four of us birthday celebration for Conor on Wednesday. That little boy could not have been more enamored if he wanted to be. We sang to him that morning (much to his delight) and his daycare teacher made him a paper crown (much to his greater delight). That night, we had a celebratory dinner (homemade corn dogs ... not a hit, need a different recipe), cake, and presents. What more could a 2-year-old boy possibly want?

Originally, I was just going to make a few cupcakes knowing we'd have more birthday dessert the next day for Eric's birthday, but then guilt set in. I imagined Conor looking at family pictures years from now and seeing the elaborate cakes Annika got and then seeing that he got cupcakes and thinking his birthdays weren't quite as important. Couldn't have that happen! So, I decided to make something special, but not huge (still knowing we'd have more birthday sweets the next day). I decided to make a chocolate baseball cake; knowing I already had everything I'd need to make it and because. Conor is a ball fanatic (even tried swiping another kids' soccer ball last weekend at the park) who is addicted to chocolate.

That night after all was said and done, I put him to bed and as I closed his door, I heard him say, "My birthday today. I two!" That boy LOVES his birthday!

Conor's baseball cake

Conor's first glimpse at his cake. I have never seen such anticipation before!

Almost time to blow out the candles!

Playing with the shape sorter from Annika

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