Thursday, March 1, 2012

Final Kitchen Pictures

A little birdie (named Eric) keeps reminding me that I haven't posted the "Ta da! Here are our final kitchen pictures" yet; that is mostly because I've been so busy enjoying our newly finished kitchen that I haven't stopped to take pictures of the final results. I know, it is a big surprise that I'm baking up a storm, but if you saw our new oven, you'd COMPLETELY understand! :)

Quick summary for those who are just catching up: The remodeling project started off as a "hey, let's fix the wood under the sink really fast" project to a pretty in-depth remodeling job that took about six weeks (four of which included us not having a kitchen sink to use... fortunately, only three days were sans dishwasher) not only gave us a really nifty kitchen, but also some new bay windows in our den (the old ones were so bad they were about ready to let water in ... and in Seattle you REAAAAAALLLLLY don't want that!)

What was done? Well, we (and we, which mostly means David Van Sanford ... call him if you ever want an amazing construction guy!) did the following:
  • Replaced the bay windows in the den
  • Replaced the kitchen window
  • Replaced the yellow formica that was on 1/2 of the counters with granite
  • Replaced the granite on the other 1/2 of the counters with granite that matched the new granite
  • Replaced the yellow formica that was on the walls with white subway tiles
  • Replaced the broken electric oven with a new electric oven (that I've named George)
  • Removed the mirrored wall and replaced it with new cupboards and a new wine storage area
  • Replaced the old hood above the gas range with a pretty new one that matches the other appliances
  • Undermounted our kitchen sink (used the sink we had before, but changed how it is mounted)
  • Fixed the wood below the kitchen sink (the project that started it all) and rebuilt the cupboard under the sink
So, without further ado...our new kitchen

New kitchen window and faucet
New granite counter and white subway tiles
New gas range hood. granite counters, and white subway tiles
New granite counter, new electric oven (sigh!),
new subway tiles, updated cupboard layout
New granite counter, subway tiles, cupboards, shelves, and wine rack
Note: The wall behind the new cupboards/wine rack used to be mirrored tiles 

View of the north side of the kitchen

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