Friday, March 30, 2012

Our Weekend in Kennewick - Pt 2

If you ask Annika, she became a cowgirl when we were in Kennewick, and I think she's probably pretty accurate in that assumption. She learned how to groom horses, feed horses, and ride horses ... at least, to some degree. On the Friday of our visit, Annika got a chance to ride John/Wendy's horse Jarl. On the Saturday of our trip, she got to ride Kajsa's horse Nissa, who is a gorgeous buckskin morgan (insert sigh of jealousy here!)

Annika climbed up on Nissa and Kajsa guided them around her yard. My girl was in absolute Heaven! After a bit, Kajsa invited me to climb up with Annika, so we did a few laps around together. Kajsa offered to up the speed a big; she definitely didn't have to ask twice; Annika was all for it ... as was I. Let's just say, though, that trotting on a horse while bareback, without reins, and while holding onto a 4-year-old kiddo who was bouncing herself silly is quite an entertaining experience, I must say! (And talk about a great thigh workout!). Once Annika was done, I took Nissa out for a spin and had a marvelous time with her.

After the fun of riding was done, Annika learned a few lessons about caring for horses, including how to feed them. She was very proud of herself for being able to carry the feed bucket and give the horses their hay (which made them immediately fall in love with Annika!)

Thanks to Kajsa for sharing Nissa with us!

Three generations of Olson gals

Annika on Nissa

Annika, Nissa, and Bestemor

Nissa getting some loves from Bestemor

Oh, did you REALLY think I wouldn't be clamoring for my chance to ride, too??
Annika hauling hay for the horses

Annika giving Nissa lunch under Kajsa's supervision

Drifter sticking his tongue out .. isn't he funny???

Pretty Nissa

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