Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy birthday, Eric!

The Olsons have a tendency of clumping birthdays. March is one of those times when the trend is really evident. Sunday was Eric's dad's birthday, yesterday was Conor's birthday (as well as Eric's parents' anniversary), and today is Eric's birthday! (and that's just the Olson side of the family... one of my brothers and one of our nephews also have March birthdays!)

We'll have a fairly low-key celebration planned for tonight...once we all get home, that is. Dinner (chicken and mashed potatoes), followed by presents and the Pioneer Woman's doughnut muffins for dessert. There was a bigger Olson family celebration for all three birthday boys when we were in Kennewick recently, so tonight will be just the four of us.

The kids are mighty excited to have another birthday to celebrate today, although, Conor is a bit miffed it isn't HIS birthday again. :)

Here's to the world's greatest 45-year-old! We love you and hope you have a "splendiferous" birthday! :)

Eric with the shirt his parents gave to him for his b-day

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