Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Zoo Trip

Recently, we had a sunny Saturday, so the kids and I packed up and headed out to the zoo. We were going to see animals galore and burn off some energy ... until we got there at 4:15 and found out that the zoo closed at 4. Dang it! I thought it closed at 6 ... and it does, starting May 1st. Grr...

We played at the playground adjacent to the zoo, so the plan to burn off energy wasn't a complete failure. Unfortunately, every other family in Seattle had the same idea and the playground was PACKED. Being a solo parent with two kids in a crowded playground is the ultimate definition of stress. It never failed that when Annika when one direction, Conor would bolt the complete opposite direction. I'm shocked I didn't come home with strained neck muscles from looking in so many directions at a high speed!

Fortunately, the next day was also sunny, so all four of us packed up in the van after church and headed back to the zoo. (We are very lucky that it isn't very far from our house!). Having a 1:1 ratio is much more relaxing and highly recommended!

We had a great time exploring the zoo, but apparently were there during nap time. We saw the top of the tiger's head as it laid out on a high rock snoozing. When we got  to the lions and hippo areas, those animals were also sacked out. The trip wasn't a loss, though, Being at the kimodo dragon exhibit during feeding time more than made up for the fact that we saw quite a few sleepers. It was really neat to see how the kimodo dragon was fed!! We also got a few really good looks at the giraffes as they ate their morning snack. Of course, the penguins were their normal busy selves, giving us plenty to watch and talk about.

Conor taking in the view

I'm pretty sure this giraffe was doing yoga

Annika up in the monkey tree

Our little cuties


Conor in the monkey tree

Annika making her "monkey face"

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