Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Eggs

The day before Easter, we taught the kids how to dye Easter eggs. They were very excited to choose the colors for their eggs and watch the shells transform from white to the selected color. We found out on Easter that the kids are much more impressed with dying their eggs than eating them. Oh well! 

Annika and Eric inspecting the pink egg

Conor willing his egg to turn yellow ("lellow")
What a wonderful Easter we had yesterday!! The weather couldn't have been more ideal and the day had a great pace to it ... steady but not frantic.

After everyone was up and dressed, the kids got to dive into their Easter baskets and discover what the Easter bunny brought. "Candy!" became the most commonly spoken word the rest of the day.

The kids and I went to 8:30 mass (PACKED!); the original plan was that we would go to the Jesuit parish (about 25 minutes away) for 7:00 mass with my brother and his family, but I didn't sleep well and realized that waking up at 5:30, getting out of the door, safely driving to St. Joseph, staying awake during mass, and making it back home wasn't in the cars. (Sorry, Nelsons... I'm a slacker!). ;)

After mass, the kids and I high-tailed it back home. While we were at church, Eric's folks (aka Bestemor and Bestefar) came down from their house so we could have Easter together. After a yummy brunch of hot crossed buns, frittata, fresh fruit, and bacon, we broke out the mah jong tiles.

The weather could not have been better yesterday!! After Bestemor and Bestefar headed back home and after Annika's swim lesson, Eric, the kids, and I headed out to the front yard to play. We kicked the soccer ball around and decorated our front walk with sidewalk chalk. I even took advantage of the good weather and tried out a few of my new photography skills ... now to see if any of them turned out—stay tuned!

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