Sunday, April 22, 2012

Conor's First Swim Lesson

Today, Conor had his first-ever swim lesson. He was beyond gung-ho for this event. "I go 'wim yesson!" was a common phrase out of him all morning long. The basic goal of the class is to get wee ones comfortable in the water; no pre-Olympics training going on. Each student has an adult (or two, depending upon the family) in the pool and the teacher leads activities to help the kids develop an understanding of being in a pool.

As soon as his toes hit the water, Conor was pretty sure we'd pulled something and he wasn't liking it AT ALL. He was ticked off and really unsure of the whole thing. Eric was in the water with him and did an amazing job of smiling the whole time to help Conor gain some comfort ... even after the cold water started to take its toll and Conor began to shiver and shake.

Eric and Conor pre-swim lesson

Conor learning to kick in the water (note: Eric is smiling, Conor ... not so much)

In the pool ... Conor is thinking he got ripped off

Eric STILL smiling... Conor STILL not so much

Annika photo bombed me!

Things greatly improved for Conor once the bin of pool toys made an appearance

THEN the purple noodle was discovered and things really improved

Whoa, Nellie! He's actually (sort of) enjoying himself

And there's a smile!!!

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