Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

Forgive me... I'm posting a bit out of order this go-around. Yes, we did carve our pumpkins the day before Halloween, but I didn't get around to actually writing a post about it. So... without further ado: our pumpkin carving recap!

We got our pumpkins at a local pumpkin patch earlier this month and they calmly sat on our porch until Sunday, when they met their doom. (If I was the pumpkins, I would have tried forging an escape plan!!).

We took a team approach to the carving. Eric and Annika. Conor and me. We had two very different approaches to the task at hand. Annika and Eric carefully sketched out what her pumpkin's face would look like on paper and then replicated their drawing on the actual pumpkin. They went for artistic flair and creativity. I simply picked up a knife and started carving... triangle eyes, triangle nose, two-tooth smile. The kids (and their parents) had a great time. Annika greatly enjoyed being part of the process and having ownership in the evolution of her pumpkin. Conor mostly liked squishing the pumpkin guts in his hands and sliding the seeds around on the jellyroll pan.

The whole process was much cleaner than we anticipated ... always a nice surprise. Our pumpkins were very brave and turned out quite cute!

Annika deciding where her pumpkin's face should be

In-depth discussions about pumpkin faces

Pumpkin guts are fun!

The first cut - surgical precision, I tell ya!

Pumpkin guts are STILL fun!

Conor putting the lid on his pumpkin

Conor discovered that hollow pumpkins echo; he kept saying "daaaaaaaaaaaddy" into it

Annika and her final product
Can you find the one that's not like the others?

Conor's new hat!

Ta da!

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