Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Conor's Talking

Conor has astounded us recently with how his language skills have been developing. The kid is turning into a regular chatterbox! He's also realizing that talking makes things happen... bigger picture is he's starting to realize cause = effect.

Last night, he was coloring and after every line or scribble, he'd point to his picture and yell "Yoot, Mama, Yoot!" ("Look, Mama, Look!"). When I looked and offered praise for his wonderful picture, he'd add another layer of crayon and cry out "Yoot, Mama! Yoot!" again.

Two nights ago, as I tucked Conor in to bed, I kissed him and then said, "I love you, Nanu. Good night." I walked across his room, turned off his light, and started to walk out of his room. Just as I did, I heard his little voice from his crib say, "Ahwahyo, Mama" (I love you, Mama). Talk about a heart-melting moment!!

His most useful language development seems to be the ability to tell off Annika and tattle on her. He now can yell out "NO, Attah! NO!" to get her to stop doing whatever form of big sister torture she's currently unleashing on him (usually something like putting her foot in his face or taking his cup away.) When things get too rough, he's also happy to come running in holding his latest injury and crying "Attah! Owie!" (Conor's days of being a quiet victim are a thing of the past!)

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