Monday, November 28, 2011

Apple Cup 2011

To mark our 10th anniversary, Eric and I went to Apple Cup. Not only did we go to Apple Cup, but we went with some of my siblings, their spouses, one niece, and one nephew. Before the game, we did a little tailgating... nothing fancy, just a little friend chicken, a veggie tray, and some wine.

About 30 minutes before kickoff, we headed to the north entrance of the stadium. There are a lot of great things about our time at the game, but getting into the stadium was not one of the things in that category. We dutifully waited in line to go through security and then give the ticket takers our tickets. Unfortunately, not everyone followed that method... especially the party buses that let off their bajillion passengers (ok, not quite that many, but you get the idea) right at the front of the line. The people who were in line never moved forward because of the bus passengers. Eventually, people started surging forward and pressing toward the ticket gates (this is when I also lost my scarf, which bugs me). It was highly uncomfortable, but we eventually made it into the stadium and our seats (after missing kick-off and the first 6 points of the game)...

We had a BLAST during the game. The seats were really good and it didn't rain on us (amazing!!!) but the real fun was spending time with our loved ones. We played musical chairs during the game, so everyone got a chance to sit next to everyone else. Double bonus - the Huskies won!! Go Dawgs!

Staci and Anna pre-game

Me, Staci, and Anna waiting in line at the porta-potties

Anna and Robert

Suzanne, Anna, Robert, and Randy

Troy, Suzanne, and me

Suzanne and Randy

Oh, those crazy Dawg fans!!

Randy, Suzanne, Troy, and Staci

Troy and Eric

Randy and Robert

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