Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our 2011 Pumpkin Patch Adventure

There's a pumpkin patch/petting farm that is about 20-ish minutes from our house. We've been there numerous times over the years, even before we had kids.... possibly before we were even married (way back in ancient times!). This morning, we packed up the kids and went on an adventure.

One of the perks of this pumpkin farm is the animals. The kids can feed the birds and pet baby farm animals; one of the highlights from today's visit was petting the calf who was born on 10/1/11; she was very sweet, had a wonderful nose (I love cow noses!!!), and huge gentle eyes. The kids petted baby chicks, baby ducks, goats, and the cow. They also saw ducks, chickens, roosters, turkeys, geese, peacocks, and pigs!

After wandering through the animal portion of the farm, we chose a cart and headed to the pumpkin patch. We had lots of pumpkins to choose from (it gets to be slim pickings the closer it gets to Halloween ... we've learned that the hard way in years past). After scouring the patch for THE perfect pumpkins, we chose two to bring home, paid for them, and headed home... tired, but glad for a fun outing as a family.

Annika getting to know a goat

 Annika and Conor giving loves to a goat


Who knew we'd have to tell Conor not to lick fences at a farm??

The world's most adorable scarecrow

Our cute little pumpkin

Conor considering which pumpkin to take home

Annika showing the pumpkin who's boss

Annika convincing Eric this is HER pumpkin

Eric and the kids pumpkin hunting

Conor communing with the pumpkin

 Hauling our pumpkins away from the patch

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