Monday, October 24, 2011

Marble Painting

I heard about an art project awhile ago that I kept meaning to do with the kids. Basically, you put paper in a baking sheet, dribble in some paint, plop in a few marbles, and let the kids swirl the pans around to make neat designs. This project remained on my "to try" list because we didn't have marbles; last week, I was at a toy shop and amazingly remembered to get a bag of marbles.

I stripped down the kids and loaded up their pans with the art supplies. The kids had a blast. Of course, as soon as the marbles went flying, the hands went into the paint and it transformed from a marble painting project to a finger painting project. (I thought ahead to strip down the kids, but didn't think far enough ahead to lay newspaper on the floor... whoops)

Marbles? What marbles? We've got hands!

Look, Ma!

Annika diving in!

Conor discovered there's a cause and effect when one claps with paint on one's hands

Clap = paint on face! Triple the fun of flinging marbles around in a pan!

Why stop with painting the paper? Tummies are a great canvas!

Pretty hands!

Annika's tribal tummy art

Annika tagged Conor as hers

Pretty girl

Two of the marble art master pieces
After the art session, the kids went straight into the bath. Let's just say, that was some sludge-like bath water once the kids were done with it. In fact, I had to empty and re-fill the bath after the initial scrubbing because of all of the paint globs floating around in the water. Next stop: cleaning the kitchen floor!!

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