Thursday, October 6, 2011

Weird Stuff I've Witnessed on the Bus

About a year ago, I started commuting to work on the bus. Working downtown is great; driving downtown and paying to park downtown, however, are not. Over the past year, I've encountered a few... how shall I say ... interesting people and I've decided to share details about a few that have really stuck with me.

Drum roll, please!

  • The middle-aged guy who boarded the bus on Greenwood Ave wearing a legalize pot shirt who, upon sitting down, proclaimed to everyone on the bus "I AM SO HIGH!" and then proceeded to tell everyone about how he uses medical marijuana. Yeah, dude, we quickly realized you were high. You wouldn't shut up, asked ridiculous questions, and stank to high Heaven.
  • The lady (while standing on the sidewalk ... again on Greenwood Ave) who asked the driver of the bus I was on what time another bus (different route) would be there. When the driver said he didn't know, she yelled, "I know you won't tell me because I'm (insert race here). " No, lady. He just didn't have the timetable for other bus routes memorized. Sorry...
  • The guy (who oozed the stench of alcohol) who sat next to me yesterday and told me all about how he was hit by a car and broke his ankle. He then produced pictures of his broken ankle and the hardware that is now inside it. I heard all about how his lawyer said it would be work $250k, how he was married to a gal for 24 years but they're now divorced so he's moving back to Montana after his lawsuit is done, how he was shot in the knee in Viet Nam (hopefully during the conflict in the 60s-70s and not more recently), and that his daughter gets confused by calling the north area of seattle "North Seattle."
  • The person who left an eaten chicken leg next to a seat .... I didn't actually see this person, but did see the chicken bone.
  • The teen who fell asleep on the bus and his friends couldn't get him to wake up at their stop, so they just left him. I keep envisioning him waking up somewhere along the bus route not haveing a clue where he is. The "WTF! Where am I???" look on his face must have been priceless!
  • The UW grad student who practically assaulted me with attention when she saw me knitting. She was overly excited about having a fellow knitter on the bus (mind you, there are always a few of us on each bus during rush hour... on every stinking bus) and proceeded to tell me all about how much she loves to knit, what she's working on, what she's studying in school, and how to contact her so we could be BFFs. (OK, she didn't really say we'd be BFFs, but it was implied). In all honesty, I'm shocked she didn't crawl into my lap and start braiding my hair during the commute!

There are plenty of other interesting folks I've encountered, but these are the few that really stand out .... until I ride the bus home tonight and unearth another busload of nice, normal people ... and a few whacky ones!

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