Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Touching the Sun

As we drove home last night, I told Annika that she could wear a short-sleeve shirt to school the next day (today) because it was going to be a fairly warm day. That news made her day; I think she'd wear t-shirts and shorts 365 days per year if I let her! (Then again, so would Eric ... which leads me to believe it is a genetic thing that she definitely didn't get from me!) But I digress...

As we drove home, she asked why it was going to be warm the next day. I told her it was because the sun wouldn't be hidden by as many clouds. She liked that idea and then felt compelled to tell me that the sun is hot. After I agreed, she pointed out that she could wear her gloves to touch the sun, however. When I pointed out that the sun is VERY hot, she reminded me about the gloves. DUH! Me, being a stickler for details, pointed out that while the gloves are a good idea, the sun is WAAAAAAAY up in the sky. Always one step ahead of me, Annika quickly pointed out that she'll just get some very tall stairs.

This is what our world needs - more people who come up with simple solutions to problems! :)

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