Friday, October 7, 2011

Conor's Popsicle

Last night, the kids got popsicles for a treat after dinner. Watching Conor eat a popsicle is often a source of entertainment for me. He typically wears the majority of the treat ... hence, I thought ahead and actually pulled him out of his shirt before giving him the deep purple popsicle. (Every so often, I do have a moment of genius!)

Conor definitely does better with popsicles that have been de-sticked and are in a bowl. He isn't quite speedy enough to eat them off of the stick before they melt down his arm .... his body ... and onto his feet. Keeping that in mind, he's still mastering the use of utensils, which can be a source of great entertainment as well!

Food doesn't necessarily go directly from the plate/bowl to the utensil. Conor frequently uses his other hand to load the food onto the utensil. (See exhibit A below)

After loading up said utensil, he often uses his second hand for a little added stability... 

Repeat as necessary. 

Conor is keeping an eye on his big sister, who has mastered the ability to eat a popsicle off of its stick without winding up with sticky toes.

Not all bites get from Point A (the bowl) to Point B (his mouth) without a little detour to the table... 

Our cute little boy modeling his popsicle goatee! 

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