Monday, May 9, 2011

Trip to the Zoo

On Saturday, Annika and I packed and headed to the zoo. We met up with our friends Caroline and Gage. The whole purpose of the outing - aside from spending time together - was to see the new dinosaur exhibit. The zoo has 10 (I think) animatronic dinosaurs on display until Labor Day. The dinosaurs are stationary, but do move their heads, eyes, arms (T-Rex), and make noises.

The kids had a wonderful time playing together. The row boat by the penguin exhibit is probably Annika's favorite thing at the zoo. She is like a moth to a flame with that thing. This time, though, she was also quite taken with the bracheosaurus; it made a burping sound that both kids found highly entertaining. We also made sure to see the baby ocelot; so cute!!

Annika and Gage playing in the boat by the penguins

Annika and Gage getting ready to see the dinosaurs

Annika LOOOOVES to hug on Gage

The burping bracheosaurus (Note: the model is 1/4 the actual dinosaur's size)

Gage and Annika

Annika getting her face painted

Admiring her new face art

Annika and Gage with their face paint

Sleeping jaguar

Baby ocelot

Annika and Gage playing the drum in the Africa village

We saw a peacock hiding out in the brush

(Correction: Caroline and I saw it... the kids were too busy climbing on rocks to take time to look at the peacock.)

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