Thursday, May 19, 2011

Special Spaghetti

Last night I picked up Pad Thai for Eric and me to have as a celebratory dinner. What are we celebrating? Well, my new job! As of Monday, I will be an official full-time employee (FTE) at MegaPath. My new title? Well, I'll be the Marketing Communications Manager. Woot!

ANYWHO, to celebrate, I picked up Thai food for dinner. Not thinking Annika would like it and knowing Conor couldn't have the peanuts, the kids had leftover pizza while Eric and I dined on our dinner. Annika quickly noticed that we were eating something different and asked to taste the noodles. I gave her a bite and she LOVED them. She loved them so much that she almost instantly polished off the amount I put in her bowl. Almost immediately after serving her, we heard her ask, "Can I have more special spaghetti, please?" Love it! I think we have a new name for chicken Pad Thai!

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