Monday, May 23, 2011

I am the paparazzi

Our kids (especially Annika) think I'm their paparazzi. I snap pictures of them all of the time. I know how quickly they grow and change and I want to capture as many moments of their childhood as possible. (Plus, I'm not the world's greatest photographer, so I take 50 pictures with the hope that one or two will turn out nicely.)

Having fun playing with the doll house

Annika LOVES the book "Where the Wild Things Are". While playing recently, Eric and Annika turned Annika into a Wild Thing. She has her terrible claws, terrible teeth, and terrible eyes. Grrr!

Our sweet angels

Conor love music and thinks that their toy piano is one of the best things ever. It never fails to make him smile.

Conor dancing as he plays the piano

Conor did such a great job, that he gives himself a hand

Annika decided to go fishing this weekend. She had her blanket water. The yarn taped to a chop stick was her fishing pole and line. The chip clip was her reel and the aluminum foil ball was her lure.

Shockingly, no fish were biting...

Being silly with her pinwheel "umbrella"

Conor having fun with one of his cars. He makes the cutest "vroom" sound when he does this!

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