Friday, May 13, 2011

Sun in Seattle

Stop the presses! We had a sunny afternoon in Seattle yesterday. The kids played on the deck for awhile before getting to bed (hence, Conor is in his jammies). They had a marvelous time riding on the tricycle and chasing each other (and Eric) around and around the deck. Recently, Eric taught the kids how to "carpool" on the tricycle—Annika peddles and Conor holds on for dear life while sitting on the back.

This little bit of fun outside makes us long for more sunny days. Unfortunately, we're supposed to get a bunch of rain in two days. Oh well! We'll take what sun we can get.

Peddling around ....

and around...

and around the deck!

(Note how Annika points out that the pole keeps Conor from falling ... just before he falls. That's what we call irony)

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