Monday, February 8, 2010

What the heck do I know??

Yesterday, Annika and I bundled up and went for a walk around the neighborhood. OK, I walked, she sat in her stroller and pointed out the scenery as I forced my round body up the hill next to our house. Annika loves to point out everything she can see - "car", "biiiig truck!", "bird", "tree". Yesterday, there were about 20-30 pigeons on a power line and I pointed them out to Annika. I said, "Annika, do you see the birds waaaaay up there?" She did. I said, "Look at all of those birdies. They're called pigeons." "No, chickens." "No, Sweetie, those are pigeons. Pigeons and chickens are both types of birdies, but those are pigeons." "No, Mama, chickens." Why do I bother debating things with a 2-year-old, when I know I won't win??

On a cute side note, Annika wanted my attention yesterday morning when I was doing something in the kitchen. Mind you, I was holding her, so it wasn't like I could exactly ignore her at the time. She decided I needed direction and proceeded to position my face directly in front of hers and said, "Look at my nose, Mama." I could feel my shoulders begin to shake with laughter. Hearing the words we say to her when we want her attention used on me tickled me to the bone. I guess she does hear a few things we say... at least some of the time!

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