Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Baking away the stress

Last night, I decided to try baking sugar cookies in our gas oven instead of our evil electric oven that can't figure out how to maintain the right temperature. I gave that thing love and all it gave me in return was cookies with overly-browned bottoms or raw-in-the-middle food. The downfall of the gas oven is it takes quite awhile to preheat, but I was willing to put my patience to the test and give it a try. It worked BEAUTIFULLY! I am so happy with how the cookies turned out. Now, they're happily tucked away in Ziploc bags in our freezer waiting for me to decorate them for Valentine's Day. Nothing like having a stressful week and experiencing the serenity that accompanies seeing perfectly baked cookies come out of the oven. Ahhh... deep breath. It'll all be ok! :)

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