Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh brain, why won't you shut off when I want to sleep?

At 4 AM, it was time for my second bathroom break of the night. (Welcome to the life of a pregnant woman, people!) About 90 seconds later, I was back in bed. Pillow? Check! Covers? Check! Soundly sleeping husband next to me? Check! Sleep? Umm.... sleep? Hello? Where are you?

Unfortunately for me, my brain decided that was the optimal time to go into hyper drive and think about work. Not even projects I'm working on, but things completely out of my control. I told myself, "Self, you have no control over this. Go to sleep." Self laughed at me. Not just a little "tee hee hee" kind of laugh, but that maniacal laugh that is reserved for the really bad guys in the comics. I tried breathing exercises. No luck. I tried visualizing numbers that count down from 100. No luck. I tried begging. "Please, sleep, come and visit me! I'd really like us to spend more time together." Again, no luck. All I kept thinking about were strategies that I won't put into play because they wouldn't be politically prudent. Damn you, office politics!

On an up note, tonight is the premier of "Lost" - WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! (Not that we'll actually watch it tonight because the premier is set to start right at our bed time - God bless DVR technology!)

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