Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pre-baby Pictures

Yesterday, Eric, Annika, and I bundled up and headed to Carkeek Park to have our family pictures taken on the beach by Jamie Neilsen. We frequent Carkeek during the summer and it is definitely a place that we have a special spot in our hearts for. Upon arrival at the beach, we quickly discovered that Plan A was going to be scrapped in favor of Plan B. The pedestrian overpass that enables people to access the beach was under some sort of work, which made getting to the beach impossible. Fortunately, we had a Plan B (mostly in case of weather), which was Golden Gardens beach.

We could not have asked for a better day to have outdoor pictures taken in Seattle. The sky was a gorgeous blue. We had the Puget Sound and snow-capped Olympic Mountains were in clear sight; they made for a stunning backdrop for our photos. Golden Gardens offered a variety of landscapes for us to use, which we hadn't expected. Some pictures had us on the sand, while others had us amongst trees, while others had us sitting on sand with a backdrop of tall beach grass. The only problem was the sunshine became quite intense as the morning creeped along, which made not squinting quite tricky at times.

The time with Jamie was very casual. There were very few structured poses. She basically told us to be ourselves and she would work to capture the real us. She took pictures of Eric tossing Annika in the air, Annika climbing a tree, Eric and me stealing a kiss while Annika sat on my lap. The little moments that are so rarely captured is what Jamied aimed to pick up with her camera.

We are very excited to see the gallery that Jamie puts together for us (should take about a week) and for her to visit our home within the baby's first two weeks, so she can photograph our newest family member.

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