Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Valentine's Day

On Sunday, we went to a family dinner at Eric's aunt/uncle's house. Eric's cousin and his family were in town (visiting from NY), hence the family gathering. Eric's cousin and his wife have a little girl (Ella) who is a month older than Annika; the girls have only been together one other time, but play together like they're longtime buddies. They had a great time tossing Ella's blankie to each other and hopping over pillows. Of course, we all ohh'd and ahh'd over the newest family member (baby Jack), who was born in October. Annika was enthralled by Jack and wanted to hold him whenever possible. It was fun to give her a little baby practice and to see how gentle she was with Jack.

Not to be outdone by my doughnut experiment the day before, I made some cookie as a post-dinner treat for everyone. The little girls had an especially good time licking the icing from the cookies and walking around with red/pink smears on their faces!

Eric with Annika and Jack


fig said...

Those are some gorgeous cookies...and gorgeous babies, too!

Nikki said...

My, those are beautiful cookies Miss Meredith! ;-)