Thursday, February 25, 2010

Today's little thoughts

I find myself praying for two very important people today. My brother-in-law, Randy, is in the home stretch of taking the California bar exam. He's been studying like a fiend for months and I hope he is kicking that test's backside! The other person on my mind is my best friend's dad, who starts chemo today to fight lung cancer. Dick McEntee is an amazing man - he's one of the most spiritual, intelligent, caring, compassionate, and kind-hearted men I've had the privilege of knowing. The fact that he's now sitting in a chemo chair having massive amounts of toxic drugs pumped into his body is incredibly scary and unfair. Good luck to both of these terrific men!

Yesterday, I realized that we have about 5.5 weeks until the baby's due date. If he follows his sister's timeline, that means we have about 2.5 weeks until he arrives. ACK! All of a sudden, I feel like we need to scramble to prepare for him, yet there really isn't much to do. I need to wash the linens for his cradle and bassinet, get his clothes washed and put into drawers, and finish packing our hospital bag. I'm also hoping to put a few dinners into our freezer, but said freezer is rather full (greatly in part to the applesauce I made last fall). I think I need to organize our freezer and figure out how much room I really have to work with.

My van desperately needs a trip through the car wash. It also needs to be vacuumed.

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