Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's HOT!

We Seattleites aren't exactly used to hot weather. Rain? Yes! We can handle that like nobody's business. The forecasters are predicting almost a steady week of 80-90+ degree weather. That's hot for around here. We have fans galore buzzing throughout the house and Annika's attire currently consists of a diaper... OK, she wore her ladybug rain coat earlier today, but that was her own doing and not something her parents recommended or advised. Our friends Dave and Nicola loaned their portable A/C to us today, which enables Eric to retain some sense of comfort. Our TV room is now comfy and cool. Ahhhh!! I promised Annika that I'd clean out her inflatable pool again so she can go "swimming" tomorrow.... I might just take her to the Greenlake wading pool. We'll see.

Today, I played with our new cherry pitter. That thing is a kick to play with. I pitted a container of cherries from Costco and now have them on a cookie sheet in our freezer. I see cherry jam in our future with those bad boys.

It seems odd that I'm knitting wool slippers for Eric, but his old ones (pair #2) gave up the ghost and are beyond needing to be replaced. It is ridiculously hot and I'm knitting with double strands of wool yarn. What's wrong with that picture?!?!?! Do I love my husband or what?!?!

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