Thursday, July 23, 2009

July is FLYING by!!!

I can't believe July is zipping by so darned quickly!! We've been keeping quite busy as of late.

Annika and I have become involved in the play group that meets at our library on Wednesday mornings. The kids play for about 45 minutes and then the librarian leads a few songs and then reads a story to the kids. We really enjoy our time there and I love the fact we can walk to/from the library so easily.

We've also taken to spending time at our local parks and beaches, not to mention the Greenlake wading pool. Annika loves to throw rocks while we're at the beach and is quite interested in watching all of the other kids play and splash while at the wading pool.

Eric's sister stayed with us for a few days while she was in Seattle for a vet tech conference. She was here for 4 days, but we hardly saw her because of the conference. Talk about a low-maintenance guest!

Speaking of Eric's side of the family, Annika and I had a great time visiting Eric's mom (aka Bestemor, which is the Norwegian word for "grandmother") on Whidbey island a few weeks ago. We had lunch with Bestemor's lunch bunch and got to meet an artist who is mentoring her in water colors. Eric's mom is a very talented artist and I am incredibly impressed with her paintings!! While on Whidbey, we had a great time looking for fiddler crabs under all of the rocks. Annika was curious, but not enough to actually touch the crabs.... she left that up to Bestemor and me.

While I'm writing about family, our nephew Robert is currently visiting us. We have a tradition that we fly my sister's kids up to Seattle for their 13th birthday present. Robert arrived on Tuesday and, thus far, has had lunch on the Kirkland waterfront, visited the original Costco (he was so impressed with this that he texted 4 people during our shopping trip), and went to a beach on Lake Washington. He's going camping with my brother's family this weekend and will spend time with them until next Wednesday, when we'll have a big family outing to the Mariner's game. We were a bit surprised by the cold weather at the lake today; it's a good thing I had some blankets in the car (see the picture below of Kat bundled up!)!! A family near us had a b-day party and offered our kids the leftover cupcakes; Ian and Annika gladly accepted the offer! Robert is a real champ at playing with his little cousins and is an easy guest to have around; we're going to miss him when he returns to California.

Last but DEFINITELY not least, Annika and I had a girls' night out and went to a performance by The Wiggles. We had a marvelous time. The guys didn't fail to entertain. Annika was basically motionless the first half of the show. Around the halfway point, Murray came out of stage; Annika popped up, pointed, and screamed "MURRAY!!!!" She danced, clapped, and stared like the true Wiggles fan that she is.

I gueses that about wraps up things from around here. Until next time!

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