Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today's Random Musings

I got a non-cavity filled today. I think my dentist is trying her best to ward off the recession. She said that I have deep grooves in my molars (true) and one was starting to stain and look like it would be a good home for a cavity, so let's get it before it becomes a problem. OK, on some levels that makes sense, but filling a non-cavity? Odd. This morning, they numbed me up and began drilling the non-cavity to get out any questionable gunk and make room for the filling. About 3 seconds into the drilling, I realized that I could feel the drilling. Not good. After about another 3 seconds, I blurt out, "OW! Am I supposed to feel that?" (Mind you, I had a dental dam in my mouth, so it came our more like, "OWB! Amb I subbobsed to phuel at???" My dentist confirmed that, in fact, I wasn't, so she stopped (gratefully) and added some more of her magical numbing potion. MUCH better!

I got a TON done today, which is a good feeling. My to-do list is still very much in existance, but it is shorter. I even got a few non-expected things done, like buy some t-shirts from TJ Maxx and take my brother's dog to the vet because he was breathing weird and it kind of freaked me out. (He's fine, by the way!)

A few minutes ago, I put our old coffee table out on the corner with a sign that reads "FREE" taped to it. I've tried to give it away on Craigslist, but both people who said they'd pick it up no-showed (slackers!). So, now I'm trying the trailer park "how to get rid of my crap" method. I'm quite curious to see how long it takes for someone to adopt it. I really hope that doesn't count as littering!

Today is our new crock pot's maiden voyage. I made more. When I was a kid, it was a favorite family joke to ask for more more. (Yes, we were that lame ... does this really surprise you??) I've never made more for my family and hope it is a hit. I'll know in about an hour. Not sure what to serve as a side dish, though. I'll have to sift through the fridge and see what veggies jump out at me.

It got surprisingly warm today. I feel a little guilty sending Annika to day care in overalls. She's now happily munching on "nummies" (aka M&Ms) in a t-shirt and diaper, so I know she's cool now. I'm still in jeans and feel a bit too warm. Off to swap out the longs for a pair of shorts.

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