Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Olson Sickies

A few days ago, I thought I had an allergy attack. Now I'm convinced that it is a summer cold. It sucks. My nose is so red that I look like a Rudolph impersonator. I sneezed so hard that I almost fell down the stairs at work about an hour ago. (That would be one heck of an L&I claim!!!) I felt so cruddy last night that I was in bed at 7:45. It was a good thing, but still ungodly early to be in bed. Annika has it too, poor little one. Surprisingly, she's been sleeping pretty well, which is a blessing. I think Eric is coming down with the same bug; I was hoping he'd avoid it, but I don't think we will be so lucky.

I have an interview with a placement company today. My contact with them thus far has been positive and today is our first in-person meeting. Keep your fingers crossed! I'll load up on cold meds right before the interview. Hopefully the Afrin I brought along will keep me sounding somewhat human! Last night, I reorganized my portfolio and put things in a more logical order. I also added some new pieces - particularly the marketing piece I did for Blank Slate Marketing. I also need to add a printout from Optimum Home Plans before I head out.

Tomorrow is our friend Nic's 33rd birthday. I find it kind of neat that I was 33 when I had Annika, Kate was 33 when she had Daniel, and Nic will be 33 when she has her baby in the fall. My mom was 33 when she had me and her mom was 33 when she had my mom. That is the age to have babies, I guess!

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