Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Vocab lesson

It seems like Annika's vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds on a daily basis. A few of her latest gems are:

"biss" (insert a rolled "r" somewhere in the middle and lots of spit) = binky
"bah-boo" = diaper
"buh-boo" = bubble
"che" = cheese
"kah" = cat

Once again, our little girls is fighting off a cold. Her nose is a little faucet and she took incredibly long naps this past weekend. Hopefully that extra sleep will do the trick for her.

We got a dusting of snow on Sunday, which was quite beautiful. That wasn't the best part of Sunday, though. The best part was we relaxed. All day. We didn't even get our of our pajamas. It was marvelous. I still got things done (laundry, vacuuming, etc.), but it was a greatly relaxing day. Annika and I even made brownies. YUM!

It is currently snowing. I love it. Unfortunately, I have to get up from my desk and walk down the hall to actually see outside, but I still know it is snowing. So pretty!

This is the last week my company will be at its current location. I'm glad for that. My department currently sits in one big room that is actually a converted storage room. It isn't too bad, except for the fact it is completely void of natural light, is frequently quite cold, and it sucks in air from where the smokers are and dumps it over my head.... BLECH!!! I have to imagine the new place will be a good change for us. Plus, it'll give us some MUCH needed space. Another huge perk is it will save me about 10 minutes of driving at night because it is closer to the 520 bridge than is our current location. Hurray!!

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