Thursday, January 22, 2009

Our early riser

For the past two mornings, Annika has been up LONG before the rest of the world. Quid quo pro, I have also been up long before the rest of civilization. Yesterday, we were up at 3:52 and today, she started squawking at 4:00 on the nose. I hoped beyond hopes that she'd go back to sleep, but gave up on that fairytale at 4:23. (Can you tell who was paying lots of attention to her clock?) I'm guessing that the teething process is rearing its ugly head again, which is causing Annika to wake up and not soothe herself back to sleep.

On an up note, Annika can now add "please" and "thank you" to her signing repertoire. She has taken to grunting and whining when trying to communicate with us. We're hopeful that her increased signing abilities will help decrease the instances of "uhhuhhuhhhhhh".

One of her cutest skills as of late is dancing (imagine a chicken with its wings tucked under doing the twist). She does this mostly when wanting to watch her Wiggles DVD or when we sing the Wiggles songs to her. It is quite entertaining... I hope to capture it on video before she grows out of this phase.

The hard part about capturing Annika on video is she becomes enamored with the camera instead of continuing with her current activity. She likes to see herself on the LCD screen and likes to put the lens cap over the lens. Annika loves to wave at herself while watching the LCD screen .... good thing that bad boy flips over so she can be filmed at the same time as watching herself!

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Comerford Chronicles said...

We've been having (much milder) sleeping issues with Max. He's been waking up a big early too. In all honesty, with the time difference, he and Annika are on the same sleeping schedule!