Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Poor Smudge

Our cat has become the object of Annika's affections. She has taken to "hugging" him, much to Smudge's chagrin. Amazingly, he has yet to use any of his sharp parts on her. (If Eric or I attempted even half of what she does to him, we'd be in shreds!) Yesterday, I heard Annika exclaim, "KAH!!", so I knew Smudge was in her sights. Then I heard nothing. Never a good sign. I went around the corner and found Annika laying on top of Smudge. He was giving me a look of "Oh dear Lord! Please help me now." I pulled her off of Smudge and he quickly skittered away.

A few days ago, our linen closet door was left open. I walked by and closed it. Awhile later, I heard Annika making a funny sound. I peeked at her and didn't notice anything abnormal. I heard it again. I peeked again. Same results. Then I heard a desparate mewing sound and quickly realized that Smudge was in the linen closet. OOPS! I opened the closet door. Out spilled Smudge and some of the closet's contents. He fled to safety; I cleaned up the linens. Fortunately, he was only trapped for about 30 minutes. I'm quite thankful (as is he) that it didn't happen right before we went to bed or left for work!

I think we should start taking wagers .... will curiosity or the kid kill the cat??


Fallon said...

Hayleigh does the same thing to our cats. Although she does finally seem to be figuring out that they don't like it. And our one cat is always getting trapped in closets because we can't close the door fast enough.

Comerford Chronicles said...

Oh no! I have to say our two dogs have been pretty tolerant of Max's torturing. However, we've had to start 'time outs' because not only will Max hit, pull, squish, shove, etc the dogs (and I know the 'God, please make this kid stop look' very well!) he started laughing like a maniac while he did it. Fearing counseling in our little boy's future, who may become a serial killer at the this rate, we felt the need to intervene!