Monday, January 12, 2009

Updated pictures

We had a great weekend. I think it was great because we spent most of it together. Eric and I played many rounds of Quiddler, which is one of our new favorite card games. Eric currently has bragging rights for having the highest score ever ... 317 points. (I held the previous record of 297 points.)

Annika kept us entertained throughout the weekend, as always. The big news is she sprouted another tooth (upper, right side). She's been chomping a lot and was even mouthing the edge of the coffee table last night. For the first time ever, she actually chewed on a teething ring; it became her arm band once it warmed up, but she did chew on it for awhile.

Showing off her big, strong muscles!


Posing for the camera

Enamored with The Wiggles

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