Monday, March 11, 2013

Newborn Photography: Nathan

Our wonderful friends, the Hoglunds, recently had their second son, Nathan. Before Rachel had Nathan, I asked her if it would be OK for me to practice my newborn photography skills once the baby was born. Fortunately, Rachel was enthusiastic about the idea.

Last weekend, I packed up the camera bag and headed to their house to work on my photography skills ... ok, the truth was it mostly a chance for me to "ooh" and "ahh" over a two-week old baby. The photo session was just my cover story. ;)

Nathan is an incredibly sweet baby. He was very cooperative and the perfect subject. In fact, he slept the vast majority of the time... even when his big brother Liam (who is 6 days younger than Conor) serenaded us with a few drum solos!

I did the entire shoot using my 50 mm prime lens and took advantage of their house's exceptional natural light.   They have a very large window with eastern exposure, which was ideal for our morning-hours shoot, and we had a gorgeous morning here in Seattle. The planets truly aligned for an ideal photo setup.

A special thanks to the Hoglund Four for letting me invade your home for an hour!!

The Hoglunds Four

Future musician
Nathan and Eric

Tiny toes

Rachel and Nathan

Sweet little Nathan

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Rachel said...

We love these! You are very talented. Thank you, Meredith!