Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dinner Manners

Last night during dinner:

Conor: "Mama, I want more milt." (Note: I spelled according to his pronunciation.)

Annika: "Conor! You forgot the magic word!"

Conor: "Abracadabra zap!!" 

(Insert sounds of Eric and me laughing here.)

Annika: "No! You were supposed to say, 'I want more milk, please.'"

Conor: "But it's MY milt!!"

Fear not! I jumped in (while gasping for air) to explain to Conor that Annika was just trying to demonstrate the proper way to ask for milk and that she wasn't really trying to usurp his milk. Meanwhile, poor Annika had no clue why Conor was miffed at her.

Miss Manners, signing off...

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