Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Easter Apron

Thanks to the tendonitis in my elbow, I haven't been able to knit for months and months. To fill the creative void and not annoy my elbow, I've returned to sewing.

My most recent sewing project was inspired by a recent outing to Pacific Fabrics. (Side note: I love, love, love this fabric store!!) While browsing through the table of clearance fabrics, I came across an adorabe yellow Easter fabric. I knew I needed to transform it into a cute apron for Easter. Before leaving the store, the wonderful sales rep pointed me toward a few apron patters, and I zeroed on the "Sassy Little Apron" pattern by Cabbage Rose Quilts.

As I progressed through this project, I became painfully aware of the fact I have no (insert explative) clue where I stashed my little box of sewing machine feet. I mean NO IDEA. I can tell you exactly what the box looks like and what's in it ... just can't tell you (or me) where it is. Driving me nuts!

But I digress...

It took a few days of cutting and sewing to achieve my final product, but it was worth it! I am all ready to be the hostess with the mostess on Easter Sunday, which is doubling as Conor's 3rd birthday party with our extended family members. Hmmm... I wonder if I should whip up a birthday-themed apron for that portion of the day. ;)

And me being, well ... me, I decided the kids needed Easter aprons, too! Annika's is done (she opted for no ruffle and a single fabric apron, which made the process that much faster). I haven't started Conor's yet, but because his will be a chef apron (basically a rectangle with a pocket and ties), I should be able to make it pretty darned fast.

The refrigerator modeling my Easter apron.

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