Friday, May 4, 2012

A Girl and Her Dog ... A Dog and His Girl

Wednesdays are my work from home day. I LOVE them.

I  feel like I regain so much time and have a chance to keep myself from succumbing to the weight of my ongoing to-do list. In the time that I would spend commuting to/from work, I can now do some laundry, load/unload the dishwasher, clean the bathrooms, and get a jump on dinner. Another perk to Wednesdays is we don't have to leave home quite as early in the morning, so if one of the kids winds up needing to sleep in a bit, it isn't a problem. Even if no one sleeps later than normal, having a more leisurely pace one morning a week is a wonderful treat ... for all of us.

This past Wednesday was gorgeous here in Seattle. The sun and blue sky were out and calling to me. After I finished up my day's work and prepped to get Annika from school, I decided to grab Buca's leash instead of my car keys. Buca and I took a nice walk up to Annika's school and got to soak up the beautiful day.

Buca taking a little breather en route to Annika's school
(I promise, he really does have ears!)

When we arrived at Annika's school, the preschoolers were outside playing and quickly became focused on Buca. Annika LOVED being able to tell her friends that Buca is HER dog and is a VERY good boy. (It was mighty cute!)

As we began our walk home. Annika asked if she could hold Buca's leash. OK, no problem. During our journey, she continually asked if she and Buca could smell the various flowers that we passed. She'd sniff the flowers while Buca sniffed Annika (who probably smelled like her lunch). Annika's continual proclamation of "I'm such a big girl. I can hold Buca's leash." was mighty cute. She was so proud of herself for being responsible for Buca's leash and keeping him safe.

All in all, a great day!

Annika and Buca heading home

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