Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Science Experiment

While at a local home improvement store recently, I picked up some cute animal-shaped grass growing kits for the kids. I thought it would be fun for them to plant the grass seeds and watch the progress as the seeds evolved into grass. Fortunately, the kit included rapid-growth grass seeds, so the kids saw results fairly quickly.

I used the kits as a venue for teaching the kids about what seeds need to grow, how we need to take care of plants so they can continue to grow (this coming from the woman who can kill off plastic plants ... that's what we call irony), and being careful with things that can break (the planters are rather fragile, per the woman at Lowes).

he kids have enjoyed watching the grass grow from the wee little seeds that they tucked into the dirt into long blades of green grass that I wound up cutting recently because it was becoming ridiculously long! I'm just excited that we have grass that hasn't fallen victim to a dandelion infestation (which cannot be said about our lawns outside).

Side note: The cow's expression cracks me up. It looks so bored or like the cow is just humoring me.  The duck just looks eager and attentive. They have become my kitchen buddies and are always wonderful listeners as I talk to myself while prepping dinner or baking whatever is on my "let's make this!" list.

After 5 days

After 10 days

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