Saturday, May 5, 2012

Princess Party

Annika was invited to a birthday party for one of her classmates and today is FINALLY the day of the party. Annika was beyond excited to know she'd been invited and was over the moon when she heard it was a princess party. Really? What could be better for this age group than a princess party?

On top of Annika getting to wear one of her dress up dresses out in public, I threw together a no-sew tutu to put under the skirt and help fluff it up a bit. Thank goodness for the Internet; otherwise I would have taken a lot more time sewing a petticoat than I needed to.

With the gift wrapped, the card signed, and the girl princessed, we headed out to the party. This is Annika's first drop-off party, so I have no idea what the party will entail. I can hardly wait to hear all about the fun things they did. 

Annika signing the card

Pretty princess

All ready to go!

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