Monday, May 21, 2012

Whidbey Weekend

On Saturday, Eric, the kids, Buca, and I all rolled into the van and headed up to Eric's folks' house on Whidbey Island. The intent was to have a little belated celebration for Eric's mom's birthday. After packing the van for what appeared to be a cross-country, multi-month trek, we headed out to catch the ferry.

As we neared the ferry line, Eric said, "Fingers crossed that we can make the 9:30 boat." He then looked in the rear view mirror and started to chuckle. Annika had her right and left index fingers crossed like an X... her fingers were crossed! :)

After arriving at Eric's parents' house, we got down to having fun! We unpacked the kids' bikes from the car, let Buca run free with Buster and Sonja (Eric's parents' dogs), and even broke out a frisbee. The sun shone down on us ... it was perfect "get outside and burn off some energy" weather.

While Conor took a much-deserved nap, Karen, Annika, and I went on a little adventure to the local beach. Annika had a fantastic time exploring every aspect of the beach, from rocks and shells to sticks and barnacles. She even got to watch a couple haul their boat of the water, which stopped her in her tracks.

Jack spend a good chunk of the day at a golf tournament, so we didn't see him as much as we're used to. After he returned home, he and Eric pulled out his compound bow and headed outside for a little target practice on the lawn.

After Conor woke up from his nap, the kids and I went outside so we could add a bit of color  (ala sidewalk chalk) to Jack/Karen's driveway. We drew a big hopscotch, a fish, abstract art, and people. In fact, it looked a bit like a crime scene once I started outlining the kids in chalk ... fortunately, we drew on clothes, faces, and hair, so things looked much less grisly when all was said and done. :)

After a tasty family dinner, we sang a raucous rendition of "Happy Birthday" and gave Karen her birthday present (bread proofing baskets and personalized labels for her knitting projects). The evening wrapped up with much-needed baths for the kids, stories, and exhausted kids falling into bed.

The next morning, we woke up, ate a yummy breakfast, played a few games of mahjong (I won 2 of 3 .. go me!) and then headed home in time for the kids' swim lessons and then dinner at a yummy German restaurant with my brother and his family.

Talk about a fun, full weekend!!!

Annika, Eric, and Conor having fun
Conor giving it a go on Annika's bike
Annika speeding down the hill
Happy boy
Conor willing his legs to grow so he can reach the pedals
I played with Jack's macro lens a bit more before returning it to him
Karen's pretty rhody
Annika scaling a hill at the beach
In far distance, you can see the ferry we take to/from the island
Annika decided to venture into the water and get her toes wet
And she discovered lots of wonders hiding under the cold water
Karen and Annika ... can I just say how much I adore this picture????
Annika organizing her clam shells

I found a bald eagle!! (circled for your convenience)
A neat piece of driftwood at the beach
Eric and his dad practicing with Jack's compound bow
Jack taking aim

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