Monday, June 13, 2011


To say our children love tomatoes is an understatement. Our kids LOOOOOOOOVE tomatoes - especially the little grape tomatoes. (They obviously inherited this trait from me, not Eric. That man loves lots of things, but tomatoes aren't one of 'em.)

Recently, Conor started saying a word we didn't initially recognize: "may-oh". At first, I thought he was asking for milk. I'd hear him say "may-oh" and offer him milk. He'd shake his head with verve (occasionally knocking himself over) and saying, "NO!"

Then, I started to realize he pointed at red things when he said "may-oh" and I realized he was saying "tomato." Ah-ha!! If eating tomatoes was an Olympic sport, this little guy would be a gold medal champion!! (Assuming his sister wasn't competing in the same Olympics... otherwise, they'd have to duke it out for gold and silver.)

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