Thursday, June 23, 2011

The cutest ant ever

For the most part, ants creep me out. I hate how they crawl all over each other when they're in their ant hills. Simply put, ants are yucky in my opinion. I know they have an important role to play in nature's big scheme of things, but that doesn't lessen the fact that they creep me out.

That said, my loathing of ants lessened yesterday when I saw the world's cutest ant... and her little friends. Annika's class is studying bugs right now and so each of the kids made an ant hat. The hats were complete with ant stamps and pipe cleaner antanae.

Unlike her task-focused antbretheren, Annika doesn't go directly anywhere. She meanders most of the time. Such is the case when it is time to leave school each day. We don't go from point A (the outside gate of her class' play area) to point B (the car). Instead, we go from point A to point Q, take a left at point G, hop in a circle near point U, pick up leaves at point L, return to point A, and then eventually make our way to point B. Every aspect of the general area needs to be explored, commented on, and collected.

Annika's Ant Hat

Collecting Leaves

Collecting More Leaves

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