Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cousin Fun

On Saturday, I packed up our kids and headed across 520 to spend the afternoon with my brother's family ... minus my brother, who was in Vegas partying down at his friend's bachelor party weekend.

Staci (my sister-in-law) and I decided a little "cousin camp" was in order for the day. I brought our blow-up pool and some bubble wands - both were a hit, as was the wind-up fish that our nephew Ian had in a bowl of water. Ian and Annika had a great time in the wading pool (once we poured in enough warm water so they didn't feel like they were freezing to death), climbing on the Big Toy, and running around on the lawn. In fact, the kids played themselves to the point of exhaustion!

Growing children = last-minute shopping outing for sandals en route to cousin camp
(PS: Our kids LOVE the driving carts!)

Conor watching Ian and his wind-up fish

Conor getting in on the action

Annika wasn't going to be left out!

Kat and Auntie (aka me)

Ian and Annika in the pool (yes, the wind-up fish is still involved!)

Conor after crying himself to sleep on our way home

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