Monday, June 20, 2011


Our kids are nuts about books. At times, it feels like our house is teaming with kids' books. I dare not get rid of any of them, though, because the kids actually interact with most of them on a fairly regular basis. We read to the kids every night before bed on the weekdays and throughout the day and before bed on the weekends. "Book" was one of Conor's favorite words. Annika knows that she gets three books before bed, but frequently tries to bargain for an extra one for good measure.

On Saturday, the kids and I hunkered down in front of our book basket in our front room and read books for I don't even know how long. A few months ago, we received a hand-me-down collection of mini books that our kids adore. Here are a few pics of our jammie-clad kids enjoying the joy that is reading.

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