Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dressing Up

We have a family friend who is the queen of garage/yard/estate sales. I am quite convinced she sees these sales as a competitive sport. She can find a bargain like no other person on Earth! A few months back, I asked her to keep her eyes open for costume jewelry for Annika to use for dress up. We hit a goldmine by asking her to do this. Annika is now teaming with wonderfully gawdy pieces of bling to play with. Conor, not to be left out, also thinks some of the items are too wonderful to pass up.

You can't really see them, but her earrings are these plastic, fuzzy green things ... they remind me of the top of a sea anemone.

Annika loves her loot!

Conor, those necklaces really make your jammies pop!

Conor decided the bracelet was just too much with the necklaces - don't want to over-accessorize you know!

Annika being Princess Jasmine

Conor playing dress up outside the box!

Everything is a hat for Conor

Thank you, Mary Ann!! The treasures you found are a hit!

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