Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ravioli Boy

Recently, Conor had ravioli for lunch. He LOVED it. He loved to eat it. He loved chasing the slippery raviolies all around the plate with his fingers. He loved, loved, loved his lunch! In fact, he loved it SOOOO much that he licked his plate when he was done eating. He also decided to wear the plate as a hat. (He's so fashion forward!)

Immediately after finishing his lunch, Conor went straight from his high chair to the bathtub. He was COVERED! So much so that I wound up wearing some tomato sauce due to undressing him for the bath. (Side note: Saucey boys are slippery! Greased pigs have nothing on tomato sauced little boys!!)

Conor didn't require a little dunk in the tub; this boy needed some serious scrubbing to get all of the sauce off. It was in his ears, in his hair, on his arms, in his neck folds, all over his face, and around the back of his neck! There's nothing that can truly describe picking chunks of ravioli out of your child's hair. It's just something you gotta experience first hand. In case you missed the sauce's topology, here's a little visual aid.

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