Thursday, April 7, 2011

Caught red handed!

Last night, Annika and I tried our hands at making our first-ever red velvet cake. Needless to day, both of us are now sporting red splotches on our hand from the massive amount of food coloring that went into the dessert. Fortunately, today we just look messy. Last night, we looked like blood was spattered on our hands.

I'm not quite sure how the color will turn out. The recipe called for 6 T of liquid food coloring, but I don't own any. I only use gel food coloring. So, I had to guess at the amount of gel that went in. Plus, becuase gel isn't as liquid as ... well .. liquid food coloring, I had to add some water to the mixture to get the color to mix with the cocoa powder. I've decided to look at this cake as an adventure!

Tonight, we'll decorate it... stay tuned!!

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